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Film 2004


Jan 18 2005
10:53 am

I recently saw “Finding Neverland” which was absolutely fantastic. Also loved “Eternal Sunshine” and “Sideways”. Paul Giamatti needs an Oscar for that. I aspire to posess his skills as an actor.


The Life Aquatic — like Royal Tenenbaums, this film was a glorious mess. Much of it was muddled and underdeveloped, but the cut-away view of the ship and the addition of “Cody,” the three-legged dog, really won me over.

The Incredibles — how can you not love this? It’s just so solid and amazing to look at.

Dogville — I think this came out last year. Say what you will about Lars Von Trier, I think this is his best yet. Who else has the guts to experiement with form like he is, and while asking such huge philosophical and theological questions?

Tarnation — Didn’t exactly enjoy this one, but this documentary made by Jonathan Cauette about growing up with a mentally ill mother and seeking solice in queer culture is quite astounding. Definitely among the most interesting films of the year.

The Five Obstructions — This was my favorite film of the year. Lars Von Trier and his colleague/mentor, Jorgen Leth, play a game in which Leth must remake a film he made in 1967 five times, according to different rules and restrictions (or “obstructions”) that Von Trier gives him. It is an amazing anaysis of the artistic mind and creative process. Also, it’s mostly in Danish!