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Favorite lines


Apr 07 2003
07:21 pm

Great topic for an article, this will definitely be discussed with friends soon.

I would pull out a lot of Matrix quotes, but those are too easy and too obvious. Instead, a scene in Labyrinth always gets to me. Sarah has just woken up in what she thinks is her old room after being drugged by David Bowie. She’s trying to remember what her quest is while a muppet keeps offering her all her favorite objects. Finally, she wakes up and yells “It’s all junk!” I think I go through this at times in life. I find myself in a daze with life’s distractions and all the things I can spend my time acquiring, then something breaks or I let go of something I thought was so important. I think this is how God gets through. I once had a valued personal item fall off a window cill suddenly and break right in front of me for no reason and I really think He was behind it.

Another line that I really like isn’t from a movie, but a song. The old song “Midnight Train to Georgia” has a line that says “I’d rather live with him in his world than without him in mine.” I don’t think I need to explain that one.