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Sep 12 2003
08:46 pm

Why shouldn’t it? I agree wholeheartedly. But how does that play out, practically speaking? Why are these two things so separate in our world? I have been struggling with this for the past year. I feel like I’m part of two significant communities: my academic community at the university, and my church community of believers. Why do I feel like there is a very solid line dividing the two? Why do I feel like I can never bring a person from one side over to the other side?

When I first started grad school last year, my academic community was a frightening place and my church community felt comfortable. But this year I’m significantly more comfortable as a student in a public university, and suddenly I’m frightened at how UNcomfortable I feel in my church community.

I’m tired of the dichotomy, and tired of the theoretical approach. I’m tired of feeling fragmented, and wish there was a nuts-and-bolts answer to the problem of how I feel.