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Sep 17 2003
07:17 pm

I feel like this discussion is about two different things: academic communities and worship style. They are related, right? But right now I want to talk about academic communities. I would agree that they don’t loath faith per se. I have to admit that, at least among English grad students, their knowledge of the Bible is astounding. Better than mine. (I’m talking about non-Christians now) And they don’t use that knowledge in a sneering, degrading way. They treat it with respect. This is humbling. Also, as I’ve settled into this community, I’ve discovered that it’s full of warm, emotional people…. genuine people, not plastic or veneered or shiny and fake. I’ve been having a great time, but at the same time it’s caused my faith to do a double-take. Because now it seems imperative to define my faith even more than before—and I’m just not sure where that puts me. How can I explain this? Grant, I’m wondering what your definition of “sensation” is? I can take it so many different ways, and I’m wondering what you meant. I have a feeling that I agree with you.