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Mar 18 2005
02:47 pm

Good afternoon, *cino folks. For our upcoming issue, ?I?m Sorry? (3/25), I wanted to mimic a project I heard about on NPR?s [i:baa2f5621d]This American Life[/i:baa2f5621d]. The Apology Line was started in 1980 by Allan Bridge to offer an outlet for people to express regret over their darkest actions and most haunting memories. In the 15 years the line operated, thousands of calls came in and were recorded. Explaining the line?s function and appeal, Bridge said, ?“The act of confession and apology is itself a creative act: an attempt to find meaning in the restructuring of one?s experience into a moral tale. Only by finding a moral can one turn the page and move on.” You can read some of the confessions on the Apology Project web site.

For the next issue, we?d like to offer our own version of the Apology Line and allow our members to anonymously submit their regrets, confessions and apologies to be included in the next issue. To participate, simply visit our online contact form, enter ?Apology? as your name, and leave the e-mail spot blank. Then, enter your apology under ?Comments.? Be assured that if you don?t enter your e-mail address, there?s no way for us to track your identity.

Please submit your apology (apologies?) by Monday, March 21 and feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions.