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call for articles: "Tuning In II"


Feb 19 2007
08:36 pm

I know I don’t usually post calls for [i:dd6846370b]catapult[/i:dd6846370b] articles here, but we’re having an issue with our server and our mailing list isn’t working.

I’ll be posting "Commercialism, Chemicals and Consequences" this week. The issue after that, "Tuning In II" will build on an issue we did a while back on music. Here is the issue description:

One of the most diverse and ancient art forms is music. Demonstrating its centrality to human culture, we have car radios, home stereos, live performance outlets in every church and town, and conferences dedicated entirely to exploring its connection to life lived faithfully in God. So what about faith and music?

I’m looking for articles that relate to all aspects of music, coming from authors from listeners to professionals, as well as music itself. Send us tracks to put in the gallery! Reviews are also strongly encouraged.

have your music tastes changed in ways that reflect your journey?

What does music sound like in the Kingdom? Who is making Kingdom music, from your perspective?

Some Christians support the Christian music industry exclusively with their music purchases; others blame the industry for a lot of problems with the music that’s coming out of the Christian community. What’s your perspective? What’s wrong with CCM? What’s right about it?

Tell the story of a specific memory you have that’s associated with music—a particular song, a type of music, etc.

Where do you see good things happening in radio? In music videos?

How do children learn to appreciate and participate in music? How did you learn? What are you doing to teach your kids?

What music works and doesn’t work in worship? Are there universal rules for this kind of thing or is it all up to the tastes of the congregation?

What does music do for you, to you, when you listen or play? Is music necessary? Why does nearly every human being in the world find a way to have music in his or her life?[/list:u:dd6846370b]

If you want feedback on an idea, just let me know. Submissions for this issue are due Friday, March 2. Don’t forget—we love interviews, too, so if you know someone who has an interesting angle on this topic, consider doing an interview. You can e-mail all submissions and questions to Thanks!