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Mar 26 2009
07:53 am

Is is possible to learn to farm appropriately within two years and then begin to teach it with some expertise? Is it possible to find 6 students that desire to experience this adventure enough to actually pay for it? Is is possible to jam into 11 weeks 3 full-sized curriculums: Homesteading, Urban Agriculture and Leadership Development? I am expectant.

A few days ago, in my journal time, I wrote something down that I had no idea I was writing until the last 4 letters. I kid you not, it was bizarre… like “writing in tongues” or a glitch in the Matrix! The words that came out of my pen were, “everything is expected”. They’ve grown on me, and in me. They’ve become a source of confidenc. I am expectant.

My heart wells up with excitement thinking about what could happen this summer—what 6 energetic, thought-full young adults could bring to our hodge-podge decoupage of large-hearted, willing workers in Ohio. I am expectant.

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Mel Montgomery