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X Men 2


May 04 2003
11:35 am

I’m so impressed with the character development in the X-men movies, compared to all other superhero movies. The Batman movies were the best superhero movies before X-Men and X2. I guess you get that character development from having a group of superheroes that must interact and work together, especially superheroes with mysterious pasts. I think that was a big tool in making the character development work as well as it did was their search for a past.

On a mildly related note, at least to my last post, I also found it very interesting that though Nightcrawler is a character of faith he still struggles with it. I guess the “human” superhero is what X-Men is all about, but I found his struggle with faith very intriguing. Though he shows faith throughout the movie, his ability to “bamph” (teleport) is sort of symbolic of his faith. The thing that intrigued me the most is that even though he has faith and he “bamphs” proving his faith, he is very wary not to “bamph” where he cannot see. When he finally begins to do this he not only becomes a more whole person, he becomes a better superhero. Ah, Nightcrawler.