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X Men 2


May 03 2003
04:37 pm

So who here has seen X-Men 2? I just got back from it and I though it was excellent. I don’t want to talk about it too much to spoil it for anyone, but I thought I’d bring up a few points of interest.

I know Nightcrawler is the same way in the comics, but I found it really interesting on the importance that he puts in faith. There is this great conversation between Nightcrawler and Storm where he questions her “hate.” She responds by saying something along the lines of “sometimes it is good to hold on to your hate and use it for good to drive you” or something. But Nightcrawler then responds with a line that is very roughly “I have faith to hold on to and drive me.” I know I am butchering the conversation but it really struck me and I have so much more respect for his character now.

So… without saying anything… X-Men 3… I can’t wait. Anybody even mildly aquatinted with X-Men should have caught exactly what they are going to go into now. Can I talk about such things?