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X Men 2


May 06 2003
12:11 pm

I saw it Friday and Saturday night (yes twice already). I admit I’m an X-Men cartoon fan (haven’t read the the comics). I love how they stick to the story and incorporate so many of the familiar X-Men/Brotherhood characters. The character building of Jean Gray, “John”, Nightcrawler stick out in my mind.

After X2 Nightcrawler has been promoted to my favorite X-Man. He teleports, he’s German, he’s got the faith, and he looks almost demonic at the same time. What a combo. I wonder why the creators made him look that way? Is it maybe that simple saying “Its whats inside that counts.” “Things aren’t always as they seem.” Hmmm… Anyways its just too cool.

And Jean’s “development.” That was done great as well. Although it wasn’t exactly how it happened in the toons. But the toons version was kind of lame anyway.