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winged migration


Jul 17 2003
05:57 pm

has anyone else seen “winged migration?”

i loved it! there wasn’t much narration, which was (i thought—though there was some discussion about this) great. it allowed the birds to just be birds in their amazing way. there were so many gorgeous shots i was continually surprised…not sure whether to look at the wonderful close-up footage of the birds or the beautiful setting they were in.

i don’t mean to give the plot away, but that scene with the crabs was kind of spooky and definitely very cool.

for those who haven’t heard of it—it’s basically a documentary of birds in migration with astounding footage and not much talking. very much recommended.

i thought the attempt at political commentary with (for example) the bird in the cage was a little cheesy and forced, but that’s my only real criticism.


Jul 18 2003
02:27 pm

I saw winged migration a few months ago. Definitely worth a look! I completely agree about the cheese factor (heart-wrenching music swells as caged geese look longingly at their free-flying cousins), especially after reading Life of Pi which makes a pretty good case for zoos.

The visual was amazing, though. I haven’t looked at birds the same way since. I saw it with my 80-year-old uncle, who still flies his plane weekly, for fun. He was a little disappointed that they didn’t show more of the behind the scenes aviation work, and I think he fell asleep in the middle—it does move a bit slowly. (No plot, you know.) But worth seeing, especially on the big screen.