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What Books Have Been Important to You?


Aug 13 2003
07:43 am

Grant- why if you like Nietzsche>love Freud? I don’t think I would concede to this statement, but was wondering why you made the connection in the first place. Indeed, I enjoy Nietzsche, and don’t particularly find anything striking about Interpretation of Dreams, nor the other bits and pieces I’ve read (mind you, I certainly don’t claim to know Freud’s work well).

Anyhow, your mentioning Kubrick made me think of one of my absolute favorite books: Anthony Burgess “A Clockwork Orange”. The russian slang, ‘redeemed’ existentialism, and social commentary are so thrilling. – Have to say I could not get all the way through the movie, and disagree completely with the license taken with it to eliminate the last chapters of the book – Kubrick made an interesting film, but shouldn’t have called it by the same title if he was going to completely nihilate the purpose of the original. (okay, now I’ve gone and opened up a can of worms…)

Other fave books/lit.:
Waiting for Godot (I know, its a play, but its also good literature) – Samuel Beckett
Letters to a Young Poet – Ranier Marie Rilke
What Looks Like Crazy On and Ordinary Day – Patricia Cleage(I think)
Robber Bride – Margaret Atwood
and oh-so-many more…