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What are we reading II.


Dec 13 2003
03:39 am

Can we start this again after almost a year??

Maybe there?s more time for reading around the holidays.

Here are my current involvements. . .

Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky – I?m struggling keeping all the characters straight through the first third.

How Now Shall We Live, Colson – Second time through. I thoroughly love this book. If you can?t afford to go to Dordt or you went and need a refresher, read this book.

Idols of the Heart, Fitzpatrick – Great book for me, dealing with heart issues. . .good for committed Christians and seekers alike.

Barcelona, The City of Gaudi – Learning about my current surroundings.

The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back, Jones – Early Christianity?s fight against Gnosticism and the fight against the New Age movement today. Good read, short book. Worth picking up, pretty amazing connections between New Age and Gnosticism and their agendas.

Mateo. . .Meditaciones sobre los Evangelios, J.C. Ryle – Ryle?s commentary on Matthew translated into Spanish.


Dec 14 2003
07:28 pm

Good grief that’s a lot of reading. I’m slowly starting to pick up some books in anticipation of the Christmas break. I still have lots of grading to do, but it seems like I need to find excuses to read for pleasure. My two are:
Dandelion Wine by Bradbury and A New Kind of Christian which comes heavily recommended by a guy who, I hope, will soon be joining our happy throng. Anybody read New Kind of Christian before? Any thoughts before I start reading it? I find that as I get older, I read less fiction and more … how to put this … self help theology.


Dec 15 2003
05:47 am

“American Psycho” by I-can’t-remember-and-I’m-too-lazy-to-get-the-book-in-order-to-tell-you.


Dec 15 2003
12:37 pm

Ring by Koji Suzuki
Hit Men by Fredric Dannen
Confessions Of A Record Producer By Moses Avalon
Tape Op Magazine and VW Trends


Dec 15 2003
12:49 pm

Freud’s “Moses and Monotheism”, which claims that God was an Egyptian construct adopted by Moses and carried off by the Jews into the desert. According to Freud, monotheism is just one more epic fantasy of mankind.

Tolkien’s “The Return of the King”, which has new significance after reading The Book of Revelation closely.

Calvin Seerveld’s “Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves” again. A great encouragement for the Christian artist who feels pressure by other Christians to justify what she’s doing all the time.

I’m also excited to start reading Stanley Booth’s “The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones”, which documents the band right before and leading up to Altamont. I’m told that there are some interesting passages in which Mick Jagger talks about the work he thinks he’s doing for God.