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Top Ten re: television


Feb 13 2006
06:08 pm

Yes. The Olympics…the glare of the tv set and fanciful ice skating that makes your eyes bulge out from boredom…yet you CANNOT stop watching. I was at a friend’s opening night and found my eyes mysteriously drawn to the television. There is no explanation for the draw of the Olympics…I could care less about it…but there I am watching it for all I’m worth. Someone should probably do a scientific study on it. I even found myself watching the commentaries on how many pairs of skies each guy owns. Is that sad or what? lol. Especially being as I have no cable you’d think I’d want to flip the channel to something more worthwhile, but I just cannot make my fingers do it. So it is not just you Dan. I find millions of people across the country and other countries watch this that have absolutely no interest , they dont care who wins, they are actually bored out of their everlovin’ skulls, and yet the olympics glows on their tv night after night…it is an addiction of such a magnitude it shall never be overcome…save me….LoL

~Heidi C. Saunders