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Jan 21 2003
08:45 am

ok, this is way too hard, but I’ll give it a shot… I won’t rate them, but I’ll pick 5 of my favorite at the current time (my favorites have been known to change from time to time). I’m not quite sure what my criteria is here. It’s not necessarily the albums I like to listen to most. Nor is it necessarily the albums that I think had the biggest impact on music. Well, anyway, it makes sense to me. In no particular order:

miles davis: kind of blue. Yeah, I know, It’s a bit cliche to pick this album, but it really did turn me on to an entirely different understanding of music.

Tom Waits: sorry, I can’t settle on a particular album, but the guy deserves to be here, maybe 2 or 3 times.

elvis costello: see description for tom waits, above.

The following two may be a bit of a ‘passing fad’, only time will tell, but right now they’re right up there for me:

godspeed you black emperor!: Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven. While definitely not the kind of album you plop in the cd player day after day, it’s absolutely fantastic. Puts me into a different state of mind.

Destroyer: Streethawk: a seduction. I can’t get enough of Dan Bejar, what can I say? The guy is amazing.

Alright, I can’t limit myself to 5. Honorable mention:
arvo part: te deum (no matter how often i listen, I still get tingly skin)
Flaming Lips: Soft Bulletin (incredible instrumentation)
sparklehorse: good morning, spider. (pretty much the same reason I love destroyer)
pavement: slanted and enchanted (disjointed and gritty, but there’s some real gems in there)
afghan whigs: 1965 (beautiful, dark, and intense)
Beatles: white album
mingus: mingus ah um and the black saint and the sinner lady