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To End All Wars


Lo G
Dec 06 2003
08:57 pm

Wow, this site has made some exciting changes…I’m all a flustered.

I am writing you all from L.A. – home of up and coming and already accomplished filmmaker David Cunningham.

David is the son of Youth With A Mission ‘s CFO. He just released a film called To End All Wars starring Kiefer Sutherland. It’s recieved great reviews in the countries where its already released, and Fox just bought the rights to it here. It won Best Picture at the Heartland Film Festival and many other awards at festivals like the Toronto Film Festival.

I got to see this movie on sneak preview, since David swings by my base on occasion, and I think its a real breakthrough for Christian film artists.

Its the first film I’ve seen by an openly “christian” directer/ producer that actually looks like a “real” movie with a “real” budget.

I want to spread the word so you all are looking for it and so we can be active in supporting this work. I’d also love to hear other opinions. It’s based on a true story, and takes place in Singapore during WWII.

For more info, and release dates check out:

Well I’m off to South Africa, laters