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The Polyphonic Spree in Chicago this Friday


Apr 15 2003
05:44 pm

Thanks for looking for us. Here’s what happened:

First, being the rubes that we are, we park in a free garage for a shopping center about 7 blocks short of the concert hall. Two in the group discuss moving the car because the place may be closed when we return, but the others feel it wont’ be a big deal. So when we get out of the concert, I wanted to hang around and look. However, the two concerned people in our group want to just take off for the car. I lost on this one, but may have won in the end.

When we reach the garage, there’s a large metal door closed over the entrance and exit. Since we were still so uplifted from a positive concert, we think “Huh?” rather than “What are we going to do?!” So we walk around the building check all the doors to find them thoroughly locked and talk to a parking attendent next door who tells us that it will open in the morning. Still in a state of intense positivity, we decide to just go get food. It was on our way toward food that we found a van coming out from the half open exit of the garage. So we run inside and the door closes behind us. I’m not sure why, but we kept running all the way to the car. The gate came up automatically when we drove out and we were in even better spirits than before. It was definitely a sticky situation that was even better for having happened than not at all.

As for the concert, it was probably the most enthusiastic thing I think I may have ever seen. I loved every minute of it and I’m very sad that they won’t be close enough for me to take other friends to.