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The Incredibles - worth seeing....


Aug 16 2005
12:06 pm

I wonder whether it’s more a case that pop culture has reached a point where modernism doesn’t need to be rejected by hyper/post/liquid modernism. A fairly common theme in intellectual movements is that they go through extreme phases and then, as they become more pervasive, they can become more of an influence and less of a reaction.

The Incredibles seems to bear hallmarks of both modernism and its younger sibling. The heroic achievement certainly feels modernist, but at the same time the nostalgic/kitsch themes (so well observed) and critique of suburbanism don’t fit in that same niche.

From a ‘liquid modernism’ standpoint, you can probably fashion an understanding that says that the early period portrayed in the film is a time of clear structures within which superheroes had a well defined place and responsibilities, that that place was then brough crashing down, and that the latter phase shows a more malleable place for superheroes with new niches and options but not the same clear structure. Whether or not that plays out, we’ll have to wait for a sequel to say!