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Steve Earle


Dec 09 2003
08:12 am

Yuck! I like his music but he’s on this activist kick and I don’t much like it. I heard him on NPR the other day and he was defending his preachy songs by saying we never had to defend the authority of Bob Dylan or John Lennon when they made comments about the times in the sixties.
First of all, John Lennon’s Love-in for Peace doesn’t have the same authority as Dylan’s “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind” or “Everybody must get stoned”. Dylan’s authority was coming from Scripture. Lennon’s was coming from himself, and it’s dangerous to trust an “I, me, mine” philosophy as authoritative truth.
Second of all, many of the musical “prophets” of the sixties showed themselves to be false prophets—remember Altamont where the great and powerful Mick Jagger impotently pleaded with the crowd to love eachother? That was right before a Hell’s Angel thrust a knife into someone’s back in the first row.