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Soups-on Stevens


Mar 15 2005
11:56 am


You have a bias toward rock and roll, that’s all. And Sufjan doesn’t really play rock and roll. Yes, I think it’s probably a matter of taste. There’s plenty of room for both Stevens’ music and for rock music. Man should not try to live on Sufjan alone.

But I do think that he’s definitely bringing something new to the musical table. Have you listened to “Sleeping Bear, Sault Saint Marie” from the Michigan album? Or “Seven Swans”? Sufjan is doing much more intricate and quirky things with harmonies and instruments (banjo, organ, etc.) than Elliot Smith or Nick Drake. I also had a chance to see him live and that really sealed the deal for me. He’s a ridculously unpretentious and honest performer. When you hear him at the festival, just suspend your desire for electric guitars and soaring solos and enjoy the music for what it is.

If you want rock and roll, try Liars. Have you heard them? Whoa.