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Shrek 2---Just plain fun.


Jan 24 2005
10:20 pm

:lol: It’s just plain fun. Laugh & be entertained. The script never drags. Lots of contemporary popular songs work naturally with the script to carry t he story forward.

If you’ve had a tense week, maybe pick up this DVD. Laughter is good medicine.

(NOte: the DVD has its own interactive version of “American Idol” hosted by the actual Simon.)

Lots of sight & sound gags. A bit crude at times, but not grotesque. My son loves it! My parents love it!

The animators meld together some of our childhood storybook characters into a world that is a cross of Medieval times and modern Hollywood and current pop culture. It’s fun to watch again to see more references & inside jokes.

Ogre Shrek and Ogress Fiona are newlyweds making that teacherous first trip to Fiona’s royal parents. A comical Macbeth of a Fairy Godmother and her ego driven spoiled Prince Charming son still scheme to get rid of Shrek, marry Charming to Fiona & thus inherit the kingdom of "Far Far AwaY’ now led by Fiona’s king & queen parents.

Two great supporting cast members: The Donkey, voiced by one of the BEST character voices I’ve ever heard (Eddie Murphy), and a new character (voiced well by Antonio Banderas), who reprises his movie role as “Zorro” in the character of dashing, sword-wielding Puss N Boots.

It’s just plain fun!!! :lol: