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October - U2


Nov 17 2007
05:33 pm

Grant, I agree that an artist should have the liberty to be ambiguous. In fact, I would argue that, to some extent, it is necessary. There’s more going on than our finite minds/languages can express. "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio." Many of life’s experiences just can’t be nailed down and put in a box. But we do know (or ought to know) why: God truly exists.

Anyway, I kind of see your point, Grant. There is a sense in which the singer is coming to an end of self and coming alive to God. Human kingdoms rise and fall, but God endures forever. It’s a sad, soulful truth, and a crying out for God. But why does he say, ‘What do I care?" If giving up their musical "kingdom" is the background, why doesn’t Bono care? I would think he cares very much. OR, with Paul is he saying has learned to be content whatever the circumstance, because life’s ultimately not about many things but about God. Even should his music making end, God would nonetheless go on. It would be sad but after all, there’s more happiness to be found in God than even in music. Hmmm…