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Jan 04 2003
04:33 pm

Wow I’m a crazy Trekkie, what can I say, and Nemesis did kind of dissapoint me. I was seriously confused about the Data B4 thing, didn’t he just have one other brother, Lor, who was very much destroyed? But Data’s leap out of the starship was really cool.

Yes, there were holes you could drive a starship through (such a nice phrase, I think I’ll use it), but I don’t think it was a complete waste of time. I really enjoyed the thought of striving to be better than what you are, what threw me however, was the fact that Data did it to “be more human” when in fact, humans are inately sinful so why would they ever want to do that without the Holy Spirit’s leading?
As stated before, though, that is one of the humanistic ideals of Star Trek, (yet I still love it, sigh, go sci-fi).

I think that it brings up lots of ideas that we as Christians should consider;
1) such as the nature vs. nurture physcological debate of what makes up people…what exactly are we born with?
2) Can we actually make ourselves better? How much does God have to do with it
3) Is our biggest struggle with ourselves or with ornery alien species?
4) Does a falty worldview make for a crappy movie?
5) does being a loyal Star Trek lover, make you a bad Christian..

now some of the answers of these questions seem obvious to me, and some ridiculously hard to comprehend, but it brings up questions none the less which is something a good movie makes you do. Then again is it the movie forcing you to think or is it you forcing you to think or is it God forcing you to think or some mixture of the above?!

Okay, I have to go to bed now, it’s amazing how it sometimes gets to be 1:32 AM and you just don’t notice when the amount that you can see decreases because of the amount your eye-lids are drooping. Yes bye for now