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Movie Theatres and DTS


Jan 29 2004
04:24 pm

JabirdV do you have any wisdom to share with us about digital sound in a theatre that would help the average movie goer appreciate the sound more or understand more about the process? Or just something cool that you learned recently?

I work at a 5 screen in Sioux Center, IA, and have a great deal of respect for what DTS has done to sound quality in your average theatre.

While I still wish there were regulations for the volume mastering of previews, they are often exceptionally loud, that is a different battle all together.

Also if anyone has a random question about the movie theatre business, I may be able to help you find an answer. Jason VB and I had a great discussion a few weeks back when he was in town.


PS. jabirdV: will you pass the word that we love the new DTS packaging.