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Masked & Anonymous


Aug 23 2003
09:40 pm

Has anyone seen “Masked & Anonymous” yet? it looks intriguing to me and I will probably go to see it soon.

It seems to have an impressive cast and from the reviews I have seen it is rated quite well.

John Goodman ? Jessica Lange
Jeff Bridges ? Penelope Cruz
Bob Dylan ? Luke Wilson
Angela Bassett ? Bruce Dern
Ed Harris ? Val Kilmer
Mickey Rourke ? Giovanni Ribisi
Christian Slater ? Cheech Marin

I will add to this post after I see it.

If you have seen it I would love to know what you thought.


Aug 24 2003
01:25 am

i have heard nothing but bad things about this film and am still quite excited about it.

word has it that although the film is lacking in direction that dylan has some pretty inspiring musical moments and that’s enough for me.

dylan is certainly a musical genius, but it seems that his forays into motion picture have never held too much promise…then again he was quite the knife wielding bad-ass jewish outlaw in sam peckinpah’s “billy the kid”.


Nov 09 2004
10:28 pm

I just saw this film. It was so Dylanesque. I thought the dialogue was kind of too much at first. It had the feeling of one person speaking through all the characters, like all the characters were playing a part in full understanding of the main message. But it didn’t bother me at all. It felt like a good Dylan song. I really like Dylan’s view of politics, so I really liked the film.


Nov 09 2004
11:33 pm

My husband is the Dylanophile in our family and he was so excited to rent this movie. But even he was wincing and cringing by the end. It was an awkward and self-conscious script. Slow. Painful. Neither of us were fans in the end.


Nov 13 2004
06:14 pm

i discerned my way right thru it.