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Kingdom of Heaven


May 12 2005
07:28 pm

Geoff, I have not yet seen Kingdom of Heaven which does intrigue me. Then I will come back & discuss it.

Quote below from your comment above…
he asked if the three folks from the Bible Society had anything they’d like to say about the movie and its choice in the programme.[b:af24474e3f] There was an embarrasing silence and I was saddened that they seemed unable to talk about cinema as a medium for conveying truth, or even erstwhile opinions about the nature of reality![/b:af24474e3f]

Maybe they still don’t go to films??? Or have just started? In this country, many groups (including my dad’s parents) simply did not go to films at all. This is minimal now, esp. since TV bypasses the theater anyway.
True Story…My dad, forbidden to go to movies when a child, sneaked out one Sunday afternoon (he was age 12—-could go out himself) and watched a movie he still remembers… “Belle Star” a Western “In color” he said a few days ago, with the guilt of disobeying parents still in his voice.

However, noone really cared that day to reprimand him. A greater violation had taken place which dwarfed his small transgression. He went to sneak back into his home without being questioned, but his 5 siblings ran out to tell him—-Pearl Harbor had just been attacked.

Ironically, I think my grandparents were right—in one sense—-that some movies have great power to move people, thus they are potentially bad influences. But the flip side is…that power is ultimately from God and is only bad when it is corrupted.

There are wonderful & great movies out there…Hope that Kingdom of Heaven is one of them.