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Kingdom of Heaven


May 13 2005
10:23 am

I saw the 7th seal years ago in college & even have a black& white copy of the script along with some pictures from the film somewhere in my books.

was astriking film. [/b:c2df6bc11a] I think Bergman was a swede—-something I took note of as i am part swedish in descent—-one grandma coming over in the hold of a Titantic style ship in about 1910.

Poor ingmar Bergman. No ultimate hope. Even the young nice couple will eventually get captured by Death. I also love the black & white mode and hope filmmakers will continue to sometimes go to black & white.

I also thought of the film as representing much of Sweden’s attitude towards Christianity. From what I can tell, a number have left their faith (or their parents’ grandparent’s faith) FAR far behind. Who can tell them that Death is not the end in a powerful form that they will understand & believe?
Also recently saw The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Sort of a quasi hippie style mellow comic version of sci fi [b:c2df6bc11a]that has the same ultimate end as The Seventh Seal.
The main character does say that he has found the ultimate meaning of life(whick was the object of his rather comic space encounters)—-in the love of a woman, which he knows is the only thing he can cling to in a world where he is just a blip on the totally godless evolutionary flow. [/b:c2df6bc11a]

(The movie is light & fluffy. The philosophical comments are laid on light—-lots of crazy, silly images & scenes.. Said & done in a comic sci fi way which I thot a bit long, but that apparently appeals to many junior high kids—-is doing pretty well in the US.)