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Kingdom of Heaven


May 13 2005
10:11 am

of the tag lines for the film is: ‘Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.’ This seems to sum up the code of honour, or view of righteousness, throughout the film. [/b:46326b586c]

The quote from Geoff’s email above.

Now I am even more curious. Since I too have a teen daughter (who was able to handle the blood of Passion of Christ) I can probably entice her to view the film [b:46326b586c]Kingdom of Heaven[/b:46326b586c] because of Orlando.

Regarding the wonderful quote above…It is essentially a paraphrase of many Bible verses where the strong are commanded to help & protect the weak & defenseless. As one congressman said (when fighting for the life of a brain damaged woman who was recently slowly starved to death against her parents;’ wishes)

I have read some on the Crusades, but hope to read more & truly understand as much as possible. Where did Christians go right? where did they go wrong? If this man has furthered a better, accurate look at the Crusades (as it sounds like he has—-at least to some extent) then goodfor him.

In this counttry, the Crusades are routinely held up by some as “Christians all wrong…”.