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Kill Bill


Jan 01 2004
09:26 pm

does the fact that i’m trying to do it do it for you?

—bottle rocket

i am a christian.

i watched kill bill.

i liked kill bill.

(discliamer: i’m going to write this next paragraphs without hesitation, i’m really not sure if i really think this, but respond as if i do.)

i believe that being a christian infiltrates your whole life. therefore when you watch a movie like kill bill and like it some questions are risen. first i wonder, is it my sinful nature that likes this movie so much? second, if it is so evil how can i like it so much? third, there must be something “redemptive”, good, God blessed, or i don’t think i could like it as much as i do.(?)

so, i am a christian who liked kill bill. i don’t think that all christians will like kill bill, but i do think that there is something about the time/effort/joy that qT puts into his films that i respect. he cares about this movie, this story, enough to put everyone’s bottom of their shoes in the film. he goes all out, and it shows in how much detail and how amazing the film-work (cinematography…can’t spell it write…) is. i have an appreciation for what was done, so i liked the film.

does this make sense? am i just saying what others have said in different words that i understand and you may not?

i am enok.