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Is a Burlesque show genuine theatre?


Apr 12 2007
03:22 pm

Trust me you guys will be talking about this till the cows come home… your guys have entered the wonderful world of what is Art what is High Art was is Craft. Who knows. there are so many things that are involved in that question and the largest here being Moral.

For me, High Art is a language and reflection of society. there needs to me a mental conversation in the punters head. There needs to be an exchange. True there is an exchange when a man sits down to watch Women undress in creative ways and for some it may even bee life altering so in that case it is high art for that person.

We are consumers when it comes to certain art forms. We have standards that are put in place to prevent overload or shock. I think we have to look away form these standards and just experience. We are big boys and girls. We know that there some crazy #@*% out there but there is also great art that we refuse to see cause it is out of out comfort zone. Cultural change and world change is not comfortable. The World is changing and that is what we are seeing….

We live in a global community more then ever so we need to know and understand other peoples culture inorder for this world to survive.

any way i am getting off topic kind of…
back to the Burlesque show

A Theatre stage dose not need to be filled with words inorder to be true….
When it comes to nudity on stage and 9 -11 you guys NEED to go and see
Dave St-Pierr ’s "La Pornographie des ames" ( the a has one of those little hats)

the human body is a tool and when that tool is put to good use it is good Art that effects you for life when it is not you may be slipping 20s into some girls G string and coming back for more.

As for 9-11 that is not Theatre that is Politics. that is real life.
Theatre has no concequence (SP) besides making someones mind work
Politics in the case of 9-11 kills
If we start bringing people on stage putting guns to their heads and…..
well that will never happen…. I hope…

But I guess we have the Television "Stage" that shoots and kills millions of people in front of me every day…. So maybe you guys have a point.

I don’t think I have helped any but thanks for the vent… I could talk for hours on this stream…


Angela Vaags