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Growing and Maturing as a Reader


Jul 02 2009
04:04 pm

loved omnivore’s dilemma. and would recommend it. yes.

off-hand, let me boast a bit here – but for a point, i hope.

i was grade 9 valedictorian (crazy that they even had one, but i even had to give a speech). i was grade 12 valedictorian. i graduated university with a 3.95.

and i never read any book assigned to me by my teachers. i’m not proud of it. i once actually did a book report (100%) on War and Peace by simply skimming the footnotes.

This must be said: I WISH someone had inspired me to love reading then like i love reading now. THAT would have been GREAT.

Instead, my teachers made us read books, that I could stay awake to read, and I’d take notes on the discussion in class, and spit back what they said on a paper and … waalaaa… another 100%.

(teachers love to hear what they already said, so it seemed.)