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Good versus Bad Visual Art/Images for kids


Feb 05 2004
05:20 am

In my discussion on the recent Superbowl incident, I objected to the nudity (also more to the assault quality of the incident too) and to most of the halftime show which portrayed an attitide (to me) of assault based sex on weak compliant women.

But what of nudity in fine art?

Here, one must know one’s child…& consider their age, possibly t heir gender etc. Some kids have been conditioned thru pornography based nudity or partial nudity(i.e. MTV type stuff or maybe internet porn) to view it all in a pornographic light.

Somehow they have to be taught a different view…but fortunately, my child has little exposure to that kind of hostile-to-women grab what you can get nudity.

My child has seen nudity in fine art since she was in a stroller. We have gone to various art museums in different cities. She particularly liked the fabulous “Angels from the Vatican” exhibit in Canada a few years back, as some of the pictures beautifully depicted Bible stories she had learned about….She was just age eight & got excited about the pics she saw as she could understand some of the Bible stories they portrayed..

So I think she is growing up knowing the important difference here…and is also growing up exposed to lots of other positive, excellent art images…which she can use as a measure against the t rashy, second rate art that is around also.