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Faith and Music Show at Calvin Last Night


Mar 30 2003
08:31 am

The concert last night (3/29) is where I found out about *cino, so I’m guessing at least a few on these boards were there. I’m wondering what people’s impressions were on the artists there. I was pretty blown away and left with an intense and frustrating need to create something. Daniel Smith reminded me what I really want worship to be, Don Parris made things cozy with the warm tones from his guitar, David Bazan sang some of the things we really want to say, and Linford and Karen put their blessing and touch on the evening. I also loved the people who were new to me and I’m looking forward to getting a hold of their music.

For those who were part of the last few days discussions with these artists, what did you gain from it? I’m pretty jealous of those who got to be there and I’m wondering what it was like.


Mar 30 2003
07:57 pm

yeah, the concert Saturday night was amazing, not just for the audience, but for the artists themselves, I think. As Karen said, it is rare for Over the Rhine to be able to meet and fellowship with other Christians in music, since they are always on the road in different places at different times.

the conference part was great too. one consistent aspect of the conference was that many of the artists seemed uncomfortable explaining what they do. I was wondering if maybe that’s partly because of the “semi-academic” setting or maybe artists aren’t used to talking about their work and process to non-artists. Or maybe it’s just something in the nature of artistry.

steve stockman (author of Walk On) did a great job using U2 to explain the work of the artist in an ever-changing culture and David Dark displayed the richness of his book. Also, I learned about the work behind pastemusic. In the end, the conference was a dream come true for a Christian who is very concerned about the state of Christianity in rock, pop and folk music.


Mar 31 2003
11:01 am

I am sorry I missed it, (No really) but I amd the fam were at the beach. Was this the shindig that Bill Mallonee was supposed to be at, and if so how’d his show go?


Apr 02 2003
07:40 pm

There was some truly great music at the Calvin conference.

I especially liked Daniel Smith. His musical decisions are very thought out I think. His way of doing vocals is completely unique. Overall, he is breaking down conventional ideas of ‘cool’ without being cheesy or sentimental.

I have never felt an audiences perspective towards a performer change that much. At first it was like, “who is this guy?” with much ackward silence. By the end everybody was totally caught up in his musical atmosphere and singing to his strange choruses. Afterward I heard many comments like, “I don’t know what to think of that”, “I’m not going to have an opinion on that yet”, “that was crazy”, and so on.

Anyway, the experience is very hard to explain but I would highly recomend a Danielson Family concert.


Jun 09 2003
09:43 am

I’ve been wondering what exactly is the Calvin show? Did it have anything to do with John Calvin? A gathering of the Calvinists?


Jun 10 2003
02:12 pm

Actually, I think they are referring to a show that took place at Calvin College, a medium-sized liberal arts college located in the midwest.

My guess is that John Calvin, if he were still alive, would be listening to U2 and Bruce Cockburn. Any other opinions?