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Divine Intervention


May 03 2003
04:24 pm

So I saw it last Thursday night and I thought it was a good look into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Like Larynsaid, "I definitely wouldn’t classify it as hysterical, but it does have some funny moments… We left (in the words of a friend of mine) “not knowing what we had just seen, but knowing we liked it.”

My thoughts exactly. We came in and laughed and pondered, but most of the movie we were just taking it all in. One thing we noted, as in many foreign films, Divine Intervention didn’t rely on dialog that much but relied much more on implied gestures and an overall experience.

My friends and I decided that the movie itself was good but the conversations after the movie trying to figure out what we had just seen were better. We loved speculating on scenes like the “red balloon” scene.

We didn’t have anybody to help us figure out who the Palestinians and Israelis were but we did have a lot of fun guessing.