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Bowling for Columbine


Oct 06 2003
08:26 pm

Yes, I understand that “constitutional right” implies that it’s a right outlined in the Constitution. I think that’s fairly self-explanatory.

My question was: why?? What kind of thinking and/or justification went into this?

Are you saying that people own guns so that if the government turns corrupt, gun-owners will be able to save the country? What a pleasant thought.

Just a question out of curiosity, since I really don’t know. How much training does a person need to have before they’re allowed to own a gun? I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve actually been to a gun range (in Canada, no less!). After an afternoon of shooting, I was rather dismayed at what horrible aim I had, and how HARD it is to handle a gun. The friend I was with assured me that I had “excellent aim for a beginner”—and I don’t think he was patronizing me.

My point is that, if I’m an average shot, then I don’t want anyone like me anywhere NEAR me who owns a gun and thinks they can “save” people in a situation, or is fully prepared to whip out a gun in “self-defense.” I want to be able to walk around in this country confident that I’m not going to lose my nose with a random whizzing bullet.

Is that in the Constitution? The right to be far, far away from guns?