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Best Music of the Year


Jan 06 2004
09:17 am

There was alot of great music this year. I’d like to add a few albums to the list for this issue of Catapult.

OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Fun fun fun. And a positive response to bling bling hip hop.

Daniel Lanois’ Shine is one of the most profoundly Christian albums I’ve heard in a while. This should be the future of folk music. It’s like a whole new way of doing folk because it uses the studio to its utmost potential.

Al Green’s newest. I don’t remember the title right now. It seems like the Reverend Al Green has finally figured out that you can do love songs and worship God at the same time.

What am I missing? Wyclef Jean? classical music? jazz?


Jan 11 2004
02:24 am

Denali: the instinct. Fav. track: surface
Arguably some of the best building sound I have heard in a long time. And the vocals are perfect for the sound. On the whole just a great album.

The Dead Science: submariner. Fav. track: unseeing eye
They are fabled as the ?radiohead? of 2004 and that everyone will be talking about them. I don?t know what to say about that, but I do know that I really enjoy their sound.

Decibully: city of festivals. Fav. track: tables turn
I really love these guys right now. Can?t stop playing it. It really is the perfect sound for my ears right now. If one put together some folk music poetic lyrics (Ani Difranco and Ben Harper are a few of my favorites), as well as a dash of funjoy (dandy warhols type without the cynicism), lots of Wurlitzer sounds, and finish with a huge piece of Canada?s Hayden this is one thing that might be created.

The Organ: sinking hearts. Fav. track: we?ve got to meet
Adam my friend why did you ever leave Vancouver. It seems that so much good music has come from up and over there.

ps. Yeah i know it?s 5.23am over here. But what can i say? I can?t sleep.


Jan 20 2004
10:48 pm

the drive-by truckers “decoration day”:
(similar sounds: steve earle, wilco)
anyone who can appreciate straight up rock and roll with a southern twist should check out this release from last year. there’s also something here for those who enjoy good solid blue-collar yet diverse songwriting.

the slip “aliveelectric” “aliveacoustic”:
(similar sounds: pat metheny, phish, raffi)
two seperate live albums released last year that attest to the validity, skill, and range of this highly exploritory band. touching everything from folk to classical to techno and all by means of a guitar, bass, and, drums with some occasional help from friends this is not what the future of popular music is, but what it should be.


Jan 22 2004
04:29 pm

Ben Harper – Diamonds on the INside
just a great collection of diverse music. reggae, rock, ballads, soul, some gospel. takes the listener through so many different moods — feelings in a listen. this man can write such an uncoventional, yet listener friendly love song it just shocks you.

Pearl Jam – Live in Boston 3rd night
from the live bootleg 2003 tour. it is just great because there is a 10 song acoustic set before the full main set as they attempted to complete their full catalog of songs on the third night in Boston. In the 3 nights they played 105 song or so, making up their entire “playlist” or songs they were playing on the tour. It is a good listen and worth the buy.

their live DVD from MSG is good too. Ben joins them on stage and so do members of the Buzzcocks. A good list of songs in itself.