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Best Movies of the Year


Jan 11 2004
01:58 am

I really enjoyed “The Last Samurai”.

Went in doubting that I could enjoy Tom Cruise, but very quickly I forgot that it was even him.

Some big issues I have with the film include an American again quickly becoming one of the best Samurai, despite the fact that the others have been training since they could walk. But he was one of the best American soldiers and did have very little to live for. As well as the ‘intimate’ scene between Tom’s character and the woman of the house. It just didn’t seem culturally and situationally possible. I personally hated it.

The image that self discipline was given was quite amazing and encouraging. As well as a sense of honor and purpose.

Not to mention that the American government was depicted as a greedy country looking out for #1 and having no understanding of what this country once stood for.