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Best Live Show.


Jan 20 2004
11:09 pm

hundreds and hundreds of shows and STP is the best you can come up with? WOW! i am beyond flatlining man. i’m several weeks buried! i’m thoroughly decomposed, my hair and fingernails have ceased growing and the worms have had their way with me.

as usual i am over-exaggerating for effect, but i have had the opportunity to see STP live on two seperate occasions and was not-surprisingly underwhelmed. however, i’m sure it would have kept certain people entertained seeing as it did have a pretty lightshow.

i’m no musical snob, but i do like music and listen to a lot of it; therefore when i go to a show i’m expecting not lasers that will blow my mind or lame dance routine theatrics, but a unique and stimulating experience that is primarily musical in nature.

upon this basis my favorite show of all time will have to be a tie between the allman bros. band (during the dickey betts, warren haynes, and allen woody 2nd golden era of the band) and robert walter’s 20th congress which was just the most smoking live funky, jazz-rock i’ve ever been witness to.