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Vol 13, Num 13 :: 2014.06.27 — 2014.07.10


Kacie and her words...

Break open your words, 
let the light shine out,

let ordinary people see the meaning.

Psalm 119:130

Sometimes I carry a mini OED in my bag — that is, the Oxford English Dictionary, for those who aren’t crazy like I am.

I love words.

I love learning about the origin, usage, grammar and spelling of words. I love discovering new words and trying to incorporate them into my writing and speaking.

I’ve noticed that those who are closest to me will sometimes make comments such as, “Kacie and her words…,” as if words are attached to me and follow me around wherever I go.

Well, I guess they do.

It might be because I am always writing — in my head, on paper, on my laptop and sometimes even on my phone (making notes for later). As I drift off to sleep, many times I will have certain phrases or sentences forming in my mind and I think I will remember them in the morning to write down, but alas — morning comes and I cannot remember.

Words are full of goodness. But like all things made for good, they can be used improperly, so be cautious.

Words nourish us with endless possibilities of encouragement, comfort, knowledge, inspiration and motivation. Words tell us where we have been, where we are now and where we are going.

Words can open our hearts, soothe our souls, keep us connected with others, fill pages with some lovely thoughts, build bridges, bring healing and express imaginative creations.

In a poem I wrote several years ago, I write about late evening writing, which is sometimes when the perfect words come rushing together and I must let them pour out:

Late is the hour and busy are my thoughts
A myriad of ponderings have consumed my jots
And I wish I had hours to sift through them
As they dash to and fro on my pages
Blank no more, it is a result of Scriblomania
A condition some have where compulsiveness to write
Is a necessity morning, noon and night

“Scriblomania” is a condition, reflected upon in the journals of Charlotte Brontë, which involves the need to write — almost a compulsive need to write. That’s me, “Exhibit A” of the condition Scribliomania. 

Words are a marvelous creation that we have been given, for which I am particularity thankful, that allow us to sub-create in this world using the grand variety of vowels and consonants. They are the avenue to exploring creativity. They are our tools for communicating all the stories and imaginative thoughts we hold.

A lot of importance seems to be set on words, and with that comes the power. The power we have in choosing the words we use is fundamental in how we build relationships with one another. Are the words we use encouraging, respectful and loving? Or are they negative, spiteful and disrespectful? Things could change dramatically with words. Once something is said, it cannot be un-said.

God spoke our world into existence. From everlasting to everlasting, His word proves true. God’s words are full of mystery and yet His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths.

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