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Vol 13, Num 13 :: 2014.06.27 — 2014.07.10


Cooking with words

I don’t really like to cook, but I enjoy being around those who do. They are masters of their work spaces, undaunted in their experimentation, creative in their presentation.

For me, writing is like creating a new recipe, with words instead of ingredients.

I really like to cook with words. I get to add and subtract them, slice them and dice them. I get to stretch them and squeeze them, mold them and shape them. I get to create millions of possibilities with trial and error and the spice of clever combinations. I get to mix them and mash them, grow them and smash them. And then I taste-test and sample them.

And then I chop chop chop, and arrange, hoping those who see the finished product will gasp with delight and demolish the delectable platter I’ve laid before them and say, "Why, that was the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten!”

And when the recipe is just right, words are deliciously powerful in their ability to nourish and heal.

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