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Two to Tango

vol. 3, num. 4 :: 2004.02.13 — 2004.02.26

While Western culture is perceived by the world to have an overt obsession with sex, honest discussion on the topic still scares most of us. An exploration of sexual issues facing communities, couples and individuals.



?Living in sin?

A pastor?s letter to two beloved members of his congregation who are engaged and living together.

Thoughts on chastity

Advice abounds on sex before marriage?why can?t we just listen to Mother and Father?


Loving blind

Who?s got the inside scoop on sex? Apparently no one.


Seeking godly sexuality

*cino survey reveals a broad range of ideas and models for how we can honor God with our bodies.

It takes 'two to tango' and I'm a willing partner

A married woman struggles with a strong attraction to another man.


Responding to violence

Michael Ondaatje?s novel, Anil?s Ghost, addresses hopeless violence, but doesn?t offer any answers.

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Passion for art

Why Mark Moscowitz? Stone Reader is a must-see rental for artists and lovers of art.

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We talk about intention in prayer when we hold some person or thing for which we are praying in simplicity before God, not asking for anything or expecting any outcome, just holding them in our hearts in God’s presence. Our intentions exist “in” God. So intentions do not necessarily need an “approach” or “permission.” There is no need for a formal address such as, “Dear God…” We can simply will them or hold our intentions in God.

Naomi Wenger
“Living Contemplatively” in The Hermitage Newsletter (Lent 2015)

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