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Turning points

vol. 2, num. 24 :: 2003.12.19 — 2004.01.01

In the church year, a time of reflection leads up to a celebration of the magnificent turning point inspired by a small miracle. How do we negotiate our personal transitions, both the every day and the life-changing?



Telling time

A series of meditations, stories and quotes on the nature of time, change, and grace.


Rediscovering fascination

The distance from formal education combined with the busyness of daily life requires a transformation of study habits.


Discovering faith and art

An interview with painter Ben Keys.

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A Latin American Christmas creed

A statement of beliefs fitting for holiday reflection.

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Growing family

An Advent reflection on adopting and being adopted.

Simply this

Late night thoughts on the incarnation as turning point.


The Fellowship prevails

Director Peter Jackson follows through on the promise of the first two films in The Return of the King.

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A sampling of interesting pop culture happenings that will either whet your appetite or ruin it.

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daily asterisk

We are created for and called to community. Can you think of anyone who would rather face injustice on his or her own? We may not always like the particular company we have, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want community; it just means we want better or more suitable company. It’s true that some of us are more independent by temperament, at least when things are going well, but when trials and challenges loom we often remember the value of being more interdependent. In different ways and at varying levels we all long for people who understand and care about us, who share our burdens and celebrate our joys, and who will stand with us even when things get hard or we get messy. We all long to belong.

Ben Lowe
Doing Good Without Giving Up

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