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Vol 7, Num 7 :: 2008.04.04 — 2008.04.18


Kept objects

I keep a scene I wish I could enter.

There is a framed poster that hangs in my bedroom—a birthday present from my mom when I was in college—of two women sitting in a restaurant.  I don’t think mom had any idea when she got it for me just how much I would like it.  Through two college dorm rooms, a move across the country and two apartments, the poster keeps traveling with me.  I can’t get rid of it!  I love the simplicity of the scene and its quiet, understated tone.  The colors are a striking palette of green, red and blue with clean, crisp lines.  The moment it first hung on my wall and even now I sometimes like to imagine it is me in that picture at that particular place having that particular conversation.  It reminds me to sit back and relax, to savor life’s sweet moments.

Morgan Tucker


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