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Vol 1, Num 3 :: 2002.10.11 — 2002.10.24


The coyote's song

Part 4 of 5



While thinking this, Sep came across a rabbit.

"H-H-H-Hi, M-M-M-M-M-Mister Coyote. H-H-How are you t-t-today?" Now this is how Jack Rabbit talked. He stuttered because he was such an excitable animal, which was perfectly all right because that was how the Great Mage had made him.

But Sep had become a proud animal and so bore no patience for this rabbit. He said, "Listen, you stammering fool, you must fetch my dinner. You are to be my slave."

"N-N-N-N-No slave. F-F-F-Free. G-Great Mage made us f-f-f-free." Jack Rabbit wanted to say more but was so startled that nothing else would come.

Sep laughed and began to sing. This time his song was harsh, and his words were commands to fetch him dinner. Jack Rabbit found the song irresistible. The rabbit gathered carrots and lettuce, piling the vegetables before Sep.

Sep bit into one of the carrots and then spit it out saying: "Pfhoooyey! You call this food?"

"G-G-G-Good for y-y-y-you," said Jack Rabbit.

"Nonsense!" howled the coyote. "I know what is best for me. I think perhaps I would like to eat Jack Rabbit." Now Sep said this as a cruel joke, for animals did not eat each other yet at this time. Still Jack Rabbit was terrified, and he took off running like a bolt of brown and white lightning.

Jack Rabbit ran hard and scared. He ran through forests, across meadows, through deserts and beside the sea. He ran until he reached the Jungle, and then he ran some more until he found the very King of the Jungle.

"What is it, little furry one?" asked the lion. "You seem troubled."

Jack Rabbit breathed deeply to calm himself, and then he told about the coyote. The lion exploded with a roar.

"He will never hurt you," growled the lion. "I will see to that."

It was late night when the lion finally found Sep. The coyote lay on the ground singing commands while the elephant showered him with her trunk. Bees produced honey for him to eat, and a squirrel gathered nuts for him. A gazelle was forced to roll in the mud simply for Sep's amusement. As the King of the Jungle roared his arrival, the coyote sneered. Then he stood to face the lion.

"Hello, so-called King of the Jungle. What are you doing here?"

A deep growl rolled from between the lion's lips. "I've come to humble a proud coyote."

"Don't act so almighty, lion. I held you under my power once and let you go. This time you will not be so fortunate."

The lion lunged for the coyote, but Sep held his ground and sang. In response the lion changed his path and leaped upon the gazelle, dragging his razor claws across her thin neck. The terrified gazelle darted into the woods. Bloody stripes matted the fur along her neck.

"Noooooo!" the lion roared. "What have I done?"

"Only what I commanded," Sep smiled coldly. "None of you understand. I am far superior to any animal. Better even than Old Man and Old Woman Moon. Behold my powers."

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