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catapult magazine

Vol 1, Num 3 :: 2002.10.11 — 2002.10.24


The coyote's song

Part 3 0f 5



Soon Sep discovered a lion. The lion's gift was that he was King of the Jungle, and the lion's brilliant mane was his crown.

Sep lifted his face skyward, and he belted out a stately tune praising the Great Mage for making the lion King of the Jungle. The lion listened with closed eyes and bowed head, and when Sep finished, the lion purred, "My Jungle is your Jungle. Your song was beautiful."

Sep smiled his silly smile and trotted south.

As Sep journeyed, he thought again about his wonderful gift. The ants had stopped their work to hear him, the elephant had cried because of him, and the King of the Jungle had praised him. Him! Clearly, Sep thought, I am better than the other animals, and someone as grand as I should have servants.

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