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Vol 3, Num 1 :: 2004.01.02 — 2004.01.15


Theatre 2003

What was the best and/or worst theatre experience you had in 2003?

*cino staff pick: Unfortunately, we staff members at *cino didn’t see much theatre this year. Grant saw a play about Hank Williams off Broadway in New York. It was okay, but he’s still waiting for that amazing theatre experience that will invade his tiny world of limited experiences, opening his eyes in wonder, helping him to finally understand what is so incomparably great about the theatre.

V.K.: The Christmas play our church put on. Our children and church put on a charming musical about giving gifts to persons of different cultures. My little boy made his dramatic debut as an Australian and then a Nativity sheep.

S.C.: Best was The King and I at Stratford, Ontario. The set for this play was incredible! For short script: “Limitless God.” My neighbor’s daughter-in-law wrote this beautiful short skit that wove together the stories of Sarah, Mary, and Esther into a look at God’s limitlessness in our lives. It was a joy to read and act in this piece of work that put together excellence and a deep sense of who God is.

G.S.: Best was Kingfisher Days, Susan Coyne’s dramatization of her own book about a single summer in her childhood, when a kindly neighbour introduced her, via Faerie, to Shakespeare. A small play, but very pleasing. I do far too little theatregoing.

T.C.: Mamma Mia (best).

P.F.: Dordt College’s All my Sons.

K.V.: I got to see Les Miserables on Broadway in New York. I was spellbound—truly incredible!

J.V.: The worst was a Children’s Theater rendition of The Nutcracker Suite done in the round at a local library auditorium in Burbank, CA. The thespians could not remember their lines and could not get the kids involved. It was hokey and uninspiring. We went out and rented the DVD to lose the bad taste in our mouths. That’s bad.

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