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Vol 3, Num 2 :: 2004.01.16 — 2004.01.29


A catapult FAQ

I had planned for quite a while to do a catapult FAQ for this issue’s editorial, but due to bad timing and tough questions with our “best of catapult” survey (leading to few responses), the whole issue has exploded into one big FAQ session. So, if you’re up for it, keep reading, and you should learn a lot about this site that you visit frequently or not-so-frequently.

How is catapult magazine connected to *culture is not optional?

catapult is one of several “modes” *culture is not optional has in place to achieve its mission to equip Christians to be Kingdom servants by working together and actively engaging all of culture. Each of these modes has its own unique name and characteristics (and eventually web site), but they are all part of the larger organization of *culture is not optional. You may have noticed at some point that the site address for the magazine changed from to This change was part of our efforts to define and focus our modes and to express that *cino is more than an online magazine. You can also visit to see the beginnings of our media discernment curriculum for high school students, which is another mode.

Why is catapult important?

catapult serves as an outlet to showcase those who are doing great Kingdom work and to inspire discussion and action regarding the particulars of how we can serve God in all of life. No matter where we work, hang out, or go to church, it’s easy to feel as if we’re working alone to change the world. One of catapult’s primary goals is to disprove that sentiment by showing what real people are actually doing to cultivate the Kingdom. catapult also exists to expose and strengthen the active community of believers, connecting the efforts of individuals with complementary passions and gifts so that each part of the body works effectively with others.

How is catapult funded?

catapult keeps overhead low by asking writers to volunteer their services and by publishing online instead of in print. There are many other costs, however, including server fees, staff salaries, and other costs that pertain to the larger organization of *culture is not optional. These costs are entirely funded by the generous donations of individuals and softened at the moment by the fact that two out of our three staff members rarely get paid, having engaged in “tent-making” activities to support themselves, and our third staff member ultimately receives about a dollar an hour. We look forward to the day when all three of our current staff members (and others as we add positions) can be fairly compensated for doing what they feel called to do with *cino. If you would like to help in this effort by making a one-time or a monthly contribution, you can contribute now online.

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