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Items tagged weight

  • The bodies of believers

    How do we perceive ourselves when it comes to being physically healthy? Several community members evaluate their health and health concerns.

  • Dancing into beauty

    How can perceptions of beauty change between ages 16 and 26?

  • Femininity and the Big-Boned Gal

    Reflecting on identity via a mother's larger-than-life mythology.

  • A huge gap

    A personal reflection on weight, prompted by the ABC Family show, Huge.

  • The weight of the West

    What the author learned about food systems by cleansing her body of yeast and toxins.

  • Always

    A short story about a girl in the hospital and her twin in the mirror.

  • Eating together

    A review of Harriet Brown's memoir Brave Girl Eating: The Story of a Family's Struggle with Anorexia.

  • More weight

    Relieving the unbearable lightness of privilege.

  • Ten resolutions in reverse

    Reflecting on a year of getting healthy without the pressure of New Year’s resolutions.

  • Poverty and health

    A call to equip people with the tools to live a healthy and active lifestyle.