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Items tagged naming

  • Sock feathers

    A child's approach to language can remind us to leave our pride behind when we seek the kingdom.

  • Grace in naming

    The story of the infertile wife, the virile husband and the lovely immigrant cleaning woman.

  • Naming the space

    A hand-me-down table was just the beginning?

  • Top Ten re: names

    What ever is the struggling Christian blues musician to name himself?

  • Second baptism

    A solitary journey into the woods leads to transformation.

  • Naming well

    Reading, writing and creation through naming.

  • Not by chance

    A reflection on messy friends, neat friends and God's providence.

  • High-risk pregnancy

    Christmas comes in July for Benita Gonzalez and the on-call chaplain.

  • More

    On making changes to live closer to our place on a smaller version of “enough.”

  • Words, language and the naming of things

    A journey toward heresy and community.

  • Found in translation

    Wrestling with a complicated ethno religious legacy.