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Items tagged cynicism

  • Cynicism vs. gifts of grace

    On seeking genuine celebration during the holidays.

  • Together we slouch

    A sermon for the choir on transforming cynicism.

  • Men are prigs

    Marilynne Robinson frees John Calvin from historical captivity in The Death of Adam.

  • The good old days

    Nostalgia for the kind of community that used to be prompts questions about what we’ve really lost.

  • Haunted by hope

    A reflection on expectations at the initiation of another Advent.

  • Dreamers vs. Dreamingers

    A freelance development worker reports on the state of Africa and his own sense of hope.

  • Remembering hope

    With daily reminders of all of the reasons we have to despair, how can anyone possibly hold onto hope?

  • Hocynipecism

    Emotional gleanings from the film Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

  • This book changed my life

    On experiencing a devalued catchphrase for one's self.

  • A recall for arms

    A review of Armageddon in Retrospecti, Kurt Vonnegut's posthumously published collection of short stories and other bits.

  • Fighting despair in 2010

    Conan says goodbye with wise words that speak to the past, present and future.

  • On being branded

    A peace studies professor recounts the experience of college re-branding.

  • Imagining rain

    Preparing for the third annual Huss Future Festival in the middle of a record-breaking drought.

  • The wildflower way

    Fundraising anti-advice from a kid who always just ate the chocolate bars herself.